Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Brief Thoughts On The WGA

Forgive me if I'm a little incredulous right now, but can someone tell me why there was so much panic when the WGA [Writer's Guild of America] was threatening to strike a year or two ago?

Exactly what was the threat implied in the strike talk -- that America would be denied quality television and movie entertainment?

Because, I gotta tell ya, I'm hard pressed to find quality these days. I just set aside my Monday night to watch four hours of television that I will never get back. And lord do I wish I could get it back. I wish that the writers on Alias had actually written a coherent television episode that tied up loose ends and explained, or at least attempted to explain, 5 years of mythology. I wish that the writers on 24 hadn't wrapped up the "suspense" 24 minutes into the 2 hour episode. I wish that the writers on 24 provided at least a modicum of an explanation as to how the Chinese knew exactly where to find Jack Bauer.

Fuck, I wish that both of those shows hadn't used a "kidnapped and stuck on an ocean freighter where no one will ever find me" trick within weeks of each other.

The absolutely only saving grace? We can now call President Logan "quick draw McGraw." Or maybe he's one of the "Minutemen." Because, yes, the writers expect us to believe that the First Lady seduced the President and had sex with him during the time between 6:01am and 6:05am.

Like I said, why was anyone concerned about a WGA strike?


At 6:21 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Even better, what the hell happened to the Secretary of Defense?? We were told a few episodes back that he survived. He had heard the evidence against Logan. Presumably, his word would have been enough to at least open an investigation into Logan's actions, which would have inevitably lead to his downfall. There was no need whatsoever to kidnap the president. And while we're on that subject, wouldn't the president's helicopter more than likely be tracked by satellite? Wouldn't it more than likely be shadowed by another helicopter or a fighter jet? In other words, no way Jack even has 30 seconds to try and get him to talk, let alone ten minutes.


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