Monday, May 22, 2006

AOL Roundup (Week of May 23)

Worst. week. ever.

Michael Bolton, Bolton Swings Sinatra [I'll be honest with you, I love his music, I do, I'm a Michael Bolton fan.]
Phoenix, It's Never Been Like That

Among the, err, less good things you can hear are:

The Dixies Chicks
Angels and Airwaves (new project from Blink-182 dick and fart joke guy)
The Wreckers (the Michelle Branch country album that we were all waiting for)
Def Leppard (a vital and exciting album of 70's covers, including the 172nd cover of the worst song of all time, "Rock On")
Less Than Jake

I refuse to link to those, though. If you really must listen to one or more of them, go here. And be sure never to mention this to me again.


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