Monday, May 01, 2006

AOL Roundup (Week of May 2)

I'm back in NYC after a few days away. Have several posts in the can ready to go, but figured I'd start with a quick and easy one tonight. Stay tuned, though, lots of interesting stuff is coming.

AOL has a ton of free streams worth listening to this week, including the new Pearl Jam disc, which, as I've said, is excellent, and Neil Young's new off-the-cuff protest album. Also, be sure to check out Wolfmother, so you can be at the cutting edge of the derivative garbage the majors are shilling these days.

Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam
Neil Young, Living With War
Wolfmother, Wolfmother
Thursday, A City By the Light Divided
Gomez, How We Operate
The Charlatans, Simpatico
Ministry, Rio Grande Blood
World Party, Dumbing Up
Brandtson, Hello, Control
None More Black, This is Satire


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