Monday, February 27, 2006

Shove these MP3's up your ass, shake around, and smoke a cigarette

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but I like it anyway. Here's three songs which mysteriously defy my general "I don't like female singers" rule. Never heard of either The Hussys or The Research before. Will have to check them out.

The Hussys, "Snowboard"

The Research, "Lonely"

(Thanks, Said the Gramophone!)

His Name is Alive, "Get Your Curse On"

And two more new Josh Rouse songs from Subtitulo.. I like the first one better.

"El Otro Lado"


(Thanks, Six Eyes!)

Oops, two more from the band Maritime. You may remember the old emo band The Promise Ring. Maritime is 2 guys from PR, as well as the bassist from The Dismemberment Plan. Though I hear he just left the band. Anyway, their 2nd album drops next month, and these MP3's have me very, very hopeful for the album. [For those still living in fear of the word emo, be assured, this ain't it.]



(Also from Six Eyes)


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