Monday, February 27, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

Yeah, sorry, I know it's the most over-quoted movie of all time, but sometimes it just fits. Anyway, without further ado, a short set of Monday links:

New Flaming Lips song from At War With the Mystics, "My Cosmic Autum Rebellion" (thanks A VC!) Not bad, not great.

Ryan Adams' great, unreleased Suicide Handbook album (thanks An Aquarium Drunk!) Over the years, I've managed to download and then lose this thing at least 4 times. If you mix about 1/2 the songs off of this with 1/2 the songs off his other unreleased album from the same 2000-2001 period, 48 Hours (also currently posted on An Aquarium Drunk), you've got yourself a spectacular disc.

Didn't he tell you he was too legit to quit?


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