Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random News and Notes

All the notable stuff from around the web today:

As touched on several other places, David Bowie will be curating a new music festival in New York next May. It will be called The High Line Festival, a reference to the defunct elevated rail line along Manhattan's lower West Side which is currently, after decades of neglect, being turned into a park. Exactly where they're going to find space for this festival eludes me, but it certainly sounds interesting. At least it can't be as big a disaster as that Across The Narrows joke from last year. This time no one has to travel to Staten Island.

More streaming albums... AOL Music has added the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadium, to its offerings this week. Go listen. Also, NME Radio is streaming the new !Forward, Russia! album that everyone's talking about, as well as the new Dirty Pretty Things album and a video for a new Mystery Jets song called "Inside Four Walls". Can't say I love the !Forward, Russia! album, though if you listen long enough it does have a couple good moments. The new Dirty Pretty Things, on the other hand, is going to make a strong run for my Top 5 of the year. Great disc.

I hadn't noticed this on Ticketweb, but apparently Tommy Keene is playing Maxwells in Hoboken on June 16th. For those that don't know Tommy, read more here. Not included in that bio is the fact that Tommy is currently playing guitar and keyboards with Bob Pollard.

Gorilla vs. Bear and several other sites point the way to a new Outkast song. I'm not a huge fan, but I tend to like their stuff a bit. This song is... fine. Nothing great, nothing bad. I'll always like their voices, though. Especially Andre.

Awesome, awesome, awesome: Short Term MP3 Loss posts a tribute to Post-Punk including a ton of great songs.

Go listen to some live Radiohead, including some new songs, here. (Via Yeti Don't Dance.)

And, finally, Indie Blog Heaven links to an interesting piece in Paste Magazine detailing the reason for Grandaddy's breakup. Can you say "cash money", boys and girls? I knew you could. Now go kill the white people, but buy Grandaddy's record first.

Edited to add: Just noticed that The Torture Garden links to a cool cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model" by your favorite band and mine, The Frames. Listen.


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Thank you for the Short Term MP3 Loss (Post Punk) Plug


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