Tuesday, May 02, 2006

From Around the Blogs

There's been a ton of interesting music floating around the blogs the past few days. Figured it was about time I hipped you to it before the links start disappearing. Get thee to these sites.


Birdmonster: Spokane 7 has a bunch of cool live Birdmonster stuff, including a video of an entire live performance and some acoustic live tracks. (Link via Gorilla vs. Bear.)

Bloc Party: Fansite Blog Party has audio of two new Bloc Party songs from last weekend's Coachella festival: "Uniform" and "Waiting For the 7.18".

My Morning Jacket: Kwaya Na Kisser has a live MMJ show from Northwestern University last month.

Weezer: Another Form of Relief has a bunch of great "lost" Weezer songs. While the last album or two haven't done much for me, some of these songs remind me why I loved this band in the first place. Go check it out.


Bishop Allen, "Little Black Ache". These guys are getting a ton of attention from the cool kids, and from what I've heard, they kinda deserve it. Clever Titles Are So Last Summer has a couple more songs. Check it.

Jenny Owen Youngs, "Fuck Was I". She likes to say "fuck". (Via Kill Your Coworkers.) She should trying saying it less.

Jolie Holland, "Springtime Can Kill You". (Via Sixeyes.) I really wanted to like her first album, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Doesn't sound like I'll succeed on her new album either.

The Lovely Sparrows, "Chemicals Change". They also have two more songs at their MySpace site. (Links via You Ain't No Picasso.) Nothing spectacular, but decent. How's that for a ringing endorsement?


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