Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Music to Look for a New Job To..

Some background music for my afternoon on the awesome Indeed.com:

Gus Black, "Certain Kind of Light". Really like this song. I know I've heard it somewhere before, but not sure where. Need to hear more from this guy. (Via SixEyes.)

Jolie Holland, "Springtime Can Kill You", from her forthcoming album (5/9) of the same name. I liked the first album but didn't love it. I'll be interested to see how much PR she gets on this new album -- she seems to fit that Norah Jones/Starbucks/singer-songwriter mold who could sell pretty well. This song does almost nothing for me, so I'm sure it would sell well. (Via Gorilla Vs. Bear.)

The Brokedown, "Sparks". I may have posted this one last week, but I'm posting it again because it's a great song. Link is via An Aquarium Drunkard, who apparently saw the band at SXSW last week and walked away impressed.

Lavender Diamond, "You Broke My Heart". Interesting song. Starts kinda slow, but keeps building, and becomes a pretty damn good song. (Via One Louder.)

And iFilm has two cool videos I'd never seen before:

Bright Eyes, "At The Bottom of Everything". Very surprised they made a music video with this theme. Don't watch it if you're flying anytime soon.

Arctic Monkeys, "When the Sun Goes Down". Also not exactly the video I would have expected from these guys. Pretty gutsy, in my opinion, to do a literal interpretation of the song, and to use some average (or worse) looking British people in the video. Compare it, say, to the girl in the Bright Eyes video, who seems so wonderfully beautiful yet misunderstood, as is just about every Bright Eyes fan under 17.


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